Zahariel’s Ravings: Solo Queue Rant, Part 1

Everyone has watched streams, read guides, forums and articles and asked their high Elo friends for advice. Everyone knows what they are supposed to do, roughly, yet the question still remains: “Why am I not winning?”

Personally I have spent lots of hours explaining game stuff, from the smallest detail to the biggest and more obvious aspects of the game, including Strategies, builds and picks. What you can’t really see when reading a guide or when listening to a tip and the main reason for people watching streams say “He isn’t doing anything amazing, he just does stuff I do too. So why is he diamond/challenger and I’m silver?” is Mechanical Skill.Mechanical Skill means how well you can control your character, making him do exactly what you want, getting last hits, hitting skillshots and positioning in all stages of the game.The main reason people don’t get instant Elo after sharing the pro’s wisdom is that they don’t try to consciously increase their mechanical skill.                                                                                                  

“But, Zahariel, people will say, I play daily and tryhard in all of my games. This doesn’t apply to me.”

The majority just hops in a game and plays. They don’t bother with mechanical skill. They don’t train each element separately as they should. They don’t practice specifics. I’ve stood over people playing, explaining how to trade in lane, what they should build and how they should play. They didn’t manage to do as well as expected because they didn’t have the proper precision in controlling their hero. One of the most fundamental tips I like to preach is: “Try to improve your last hitting. Get into a custom by yourself and last hit minions till you can get 100%. When you are done with that, go in a normal or bot game and work in trades, recalling etc.” Ouf of, lets say, a hundred people I told this only two of them actually bothered with playing a custom. Same with “Write down your mistakes in a notepad during the game and work on fixing them”. Again two people.By the way they were both girls.

Thus, this goes to you, Silver Player! The one that complains that it’s the feeder’s, afker’s and troll’s fault that you are kept from your well deserved platinum and diamond Elo! Stop waiting for a miracle to get you out of your ranking! Everything in LoL is achieved by practice. Long and repeated hours of practice. Do everything over and over again till you can’t get it wrong. Not get it right once, till you can’t get it wrong. Take thinking ouf of the equation, because thinking makes you slow. You should have seen all plays, made them part of your muscle memory so when the time comes your reaction is instant. LoL is a game of seconds. If you miss the proper time window the opportunity may never come again. This is why every time a pro player is asked why his team won the answer is always “We played better”. They have practiced every aspect thousands of time and when the time came they just sat down and played.                         

So, if you dislike your Elo then put in some effort. Claim what you believe you deserve. Trust me, no one is giving it to you for free.                 

Trust me, if you actually make it you ‘ll feel proud of yourself and your actions.
That is the best feeling in LoL.

Zahariel out, peace

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