World´s Finals Recap

*Even though it has been almost a week since the finals, I thought we could take some time to briefly discuss what went down. Starting off with the Playoffs, CLG.EU came against WE and went on playing three games which ended with CLG winning 2-1. Then, Taipei Assassins faced Moscow 5 (which were actually favored for victory) and M5 took a relatively easy first win with a very strong Evelyn mid. TPA tried to stop Eve from gaining power by sending their AD and Support against her in lane, but it didn’t work, so next game they outsmarted Moscow 5 by banning Evelyn and brought the match into their own pace. TPA won the remaining two matches sending M5 back home.



*Next, Azubu defeated CLG 2-0, resulting in the elimination of the last European team standing. So it was all left on the two Asian teams : Taipei Assassins and Azubu Frost.At this point I would like to add a small detail about the week before the Finals : CLG EU played a lot of scrims against TPA when Azubu had no team to do so as well. Some people now claim that this played its part on the upcoming result. Which brings us to last Saturday night…



*At that time, thousands of people crowded the Los Angeles USC Galen Center, while millions watched online. A breath-taking cup awaited the champions in the middle of the arena when the two teams came up on stage, Azubu being the “heavy favorites”. The finals were set up in a best-of-five setting, and the games began! Taipei Assassins gave an excellent preformance, worthy of the “World’s Champions” title which they won fair and square! Don’t forget to check Riot’s official Recap and you can also check out the Tournament Site for even more dug-ins.


Watch Riot’s video recap for more details!

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