Sejuani’s visual upgrade confirmed

Sejuani Visual Upgrade
During Pax East 2013 many Rioters (Morello,Ezreal,Ironstylus etc) answered in several questions referring to the future reworks about to made, where Sejuani’s visual upgrade was confirmed.  When Morello was specifically asked whether the are going to be any changes to the kit, he answered that the are no plans to change anything to her kit, but there will definitely be a visual upgrade. Through this upgrade Sejuani will look a lot more the warrior wild boar rider, and she will also be given the feeling of the princess of Freljord which is lost in her current model. Players who already have Sejuani will have an extra reason to be happy because they will get an additional traditional Sejuani skin based on the current model (exactly as will happen with Karma) so the rider with the bikini will not be lost to the delight of the many.

After ZAC What??
When Morello was asked about whether there will be an AP mid for which we should start celebrating, he tried to hide his future plans answering “Maybe there will be or maybe there won’t be an AP after ZAC”.                                                                                                                                        

Ashe passive rework
Finally when asked if they are working on a new legendary skin for Ashe they said that for the time being there are no plans although they would like to work on changing her passive in order to fit in better with the rest of her kit.

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