Meet the people behind SK

Management team

  • portrait

    Alexander T. Müller

    Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • portrait

    Jens Wundenberg

    Chief Operating Officer (COO)

  • portrait

    Martin Marquardt

    Chief Gaming Officer (CGO)

  • portrait

    Hauke-Henning Horst

    Head of Partnerships

  • portrait

    Daniel Wagner

    General Manager Sports Simulations

  • portrait

    Ricardo Goncalves

    Operations Manager

  • portrait

    Gerrit Stukemeier

    Marketing Manager

Content team

  • portrait

    Irena Pencheva

    Head of Social Media

  • portrait

    Lara Lunardi

    Head of Team Content

  • portrait

    Tobias Deh

    Head of Partnerships Content

  • portrait

    Ahjosh Elavumkal

    Lead Videographer

  • portrait

    Diego Von Trier

    Lead Graphic Designer

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