LoLStarz Tourament Recap


Cyber Arena worked its miracle! The ones who attended the event at Lavrio know exactly what I’m talking about since it was all pure perfection. Beside the breath taking Finals which I will get to later on, the whole spirit of the event was magical. An industrial place filled with people interested in the whole notion of gaming and on the side a nicely constructed League of Legends dedicated space.                                                                                                                                                     


On Friday the 26th people started arriving early at Lavrion Technological and Cultural Park, expecting nothing less than what they arrived to. Before the Semi-Finals the audience was entertained by several X-Box 360 provided by Microsoft, Alienware’s stand with three Aurora computers and an XPS Dell laptop free to be used  by anyone as well as a digital artist, Panagiotis Vlamis, who offered digital sketches to whomever was interested. LoL fans also had the chance to win prizes by answering the Trivia Quiz, but also viewers online had the privilege to be watching all this in full HD with amazing ackground music.                                                                                                                                                                                                 


The stage was set and ready to welcome the first two teams, ‘Bits and Bytes’ and ‘Nova eSports’. BnB started off very strong and took an early advantage over Nova, but later on Nova got pumped and brought the game in their own pace, taking advantage of BnB’s mistakes thus winning the first match. They went on like that on the second match as well, resulting on a 0-2 and a ticket to the finals. Next in line were ‘Test Your Limits’ versus ‘Void Gaming’ who only played one out of the three matches, Void being the winners, due to lack of time.


The next day the two teams arrived early to continue their ‘duel’ and finally TyL won the spot to the finals with an excellent performance even though they came across minor computer related issues. As it was getting dark outside, team Nova made their appearance and got set to encounter the ‘magic five’, but made a bad start while TyL showed us an exemplary team play with an unusual pick for Tournaments : Zilean and won the first round. Highlight of the game (and maybe even the entire weekend) was an ‘unofficial Penta kill’ by Jayce(played by Ananas) roughly 11 minutes in the game. Nova didn’t give up though and counterbalanced by winning round two. Meanwhile, the audience was going frenzy since both matches so far were spectacular and nail biting. Lane switching, gank baits, dragon fights; both teams provided us with an amazing show.


Finally, on round three, TyL were cornered by a very aggressive play from all five Nova players and it seemed as though Nova were dominating all over the map. But Test Your Limits is a very well constructed team and stayed patient, enduring the very strong engages by their opponents, waiting for an opening. And they were vindicated! Nova made one bad engage that led to their defeat. Once again, Test Your Limits came through yet another Tournament victorious!



Watch the Streams here :

Nova vs Bnb Game 1                                /                            TyL vs Void Game 1

Nova vs BnB Game 2                               /                             Tyl vs Void Game 2

                                                                            /                              TyL Vs Void Game 3

TyL vs Nova Game 1

TyL vs Nova Game 2

TyL vs Nova Game 3


Pictures taken by CowboyTv

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