Here are the stats on my main account “TyL AnAnAs” in all 3 seasons that I have been playing on Rumble. Unfortunately I didn’t have the chance to play him more in season 3 because I am “retiring” for good :P . He is great at carrying in that bloody solo queue!! Consider though that not all of the games were played in solo queue but in ladder too with my former team Test Your Limits. I hope that you enjoyed my guide of my favorite champion and wish you the best of luck in the fields of justice! Feel free to ask me anything you want cause I will be checking and updating the guide every now and then!



Most likely you won’t go looking for trouble in the early levels (1-3), when you are weaker. Try to farm as much as you can without getting punished by more bully early on champions like Riven/Gangplank. You can achieve that with that sniping Electro-Harpoons on dying minions. Once you get 4 or 5 level you can surely win every trade if you play smart : try to open fire on your opponent with one or two (in best case scenario) Electro-Harpoons. Once you hit the opponent, he can be controlled and you should rush on him using both Scrap Shield and Flamespitter. This combo will get your Flamespitter to deal a lot of damage (since it’s on 60 heat already) and win you most likely the trade. You shouldn’t over commit though because once you use the full combo you don’t really have anything else to pop out than auto hits and Ignite. I mostly exchange light trades with short ticks of Flamespitter and sniping Electro-Harpoons without giving my opponent the chance to trade some damage back.

Tips & Tricks

Heat is a unique attribute that only Rumi ble uses. I strongly believe that learning how to control your Heat is the key to master him and become a terror in the top lane. His ulty does not heat you up and that means that you need to learn how to use the other 3 Rumble’s spells properly because Flamespitter, Electro-Harpoon and Scrap Shield are not so useful when used randomly. Each of these 3 spells generate 20 heat which is reduced to zero in seconds if you don’t use any spell. You will notice soon enough that Flamespitter and Electro-Harpoon don’t apply a lot of damage unless you got more than 50 heat. Once you get Rumble on 50 heat or more he gets in the “Danger Zone” and his Flamespitter does 25% more damage, his Electro-Harpoon deals 25% more damage plus 25% more slow percentage, and Scrap Shield provides him with 25% more shield health and movement speed. When he reaches 100 heat he starts overheating which grants him some nice magic damage on his basic attacks but silences him for 6 seconds. Knowing when to overheat is crucial for a Rumble. It’s great to overheat almost every time with Flamespitter because it’s being casted for 3 seconds and you barely notice the 3 seconds silence left. However, you shouldn’t force yourself to overheat every single time with Flamespitter Keep in mind that if you are already in 80 heat and u press SIMULTANEOUSLY 2 of his spells he will cast both before he gets overheated. The only way to learn how to use his heat properly is to practice different combinations in-game so you can get the hang of it.


I just love this ultimate and honestly believe it’s the greatest in the whole League. Rumble’s ulty is fantastic in 1v1 situations, fights and hunts into the narrow jungle passes while determining all teamfights. You should try to hit as many people as possible in fights but don’t hesitate to shoot it onto the enemy carries. The drop damage is instant and more important but you can combine it with a good placement on the battlefield if you guess your opponent’s moves. If you manage to get the enemies to fight on your ultimate the win is guaranteed because the damage over time will tear them apart. You shouldn’t forget the range of that thing cause when it comes to hunting some low on health escaping enemy it will be proved to be priceless. Considering the low cooldown of The Equalizer you ought to try as many ultimates in the game as possible. It’s pretty great on clearing 1 more wave of minion creeps before recalling to base providing you some extra gold while ensuring that you won’t lose a single creep on your tower until you get back. Don’t use it recklessly though because as I mentioned earlier it’s crucial for the outcome of ALL the teamfights.

Μatch ups

You will notice that Rumble is usually great against melee champions like Gangplank/ Singed/Jarvan/Wukong but not that safe against ranged like Kayle/Nidalee/Vladimir/Jayce.

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