More details about gameplay, some tips, tricks and match ups.



Early Game
Try to farm as much as you can, harass your enemy with your Q (Broken Wings) and W and try to get in as many auto attacks as you can during the stun, then use Valor to shield out and avoid taking damage.

Remember to push your lane before you go back to base and shop.
Also get wardsto have vision in the nearby jungle and avoid gangs.

Mid Game

If everything goes alright till mid game,  you should have farmed enough, and gotten some kills.
Finish up Bloodthirster and get it stacked.
It's time to take the tower down on around the 20th minute of game and give that 150 gold and the experience to you and your teammates.
Late Game

Now we are off from laning phase as we destroyed the tower, and the teamfights begin.
And this is where you should make things clear and make sure of who is the boss!
Be near your team , and help them when they need you.
Remember you should not initiate the teamfights but get to the carries and bring ‘em pain when you have the chance! 

Tips & Tricks

One of the most common tip for Riven is to auto attack in between each Q (Broken Wings).
This way will allow the most amount of sustained damage as you consume her passive (Runic Blade) stacks to deal extra damage.
Since the skill produces three charges, which is exactly her maximum, you may wish to complete it to initiate a fight with her knockback, following up with auto-attacks and her other skills.
Use E (Valor) to shield your way through damage,
And try to get close to their carries with Q (Broken Wings) and stun them with W (Ki Burst), hopefully your teammates will do the rest of the damage.
Also its good to initiate a teamfight instead of the end of the fight,using your ulty R(Blade Of The Exile) which lasts for 15 seconds,and after it's been activated can be used as a skill
(Wind Slash) which deals maximum damage to multiple opponents at or below 25% maximum health.
So use R (Wind Slash) wisely, to finish off enemies who are fleeing or deciding to stay despite low health.

Μatch ups

Riven shines in team with a lot upfront damage as well as aoe nukes/cc as she can easily clean up.                                 

Some of Riven's hardest match-ups are:
You must put 2-3 points to your E before you max your other skills, making Olaf’s E do more damage to him than it does to you when it comes to trade hits.
Never try to trade while his W is up, and roam near your minions so if he throws his Q then he auto-pushes the lane. Otherwise, harass with standard E/W or QQWQ combos – the point is to chip away at his health, and when he’s low, do a full combo and execute with her ulty.
If Garen initiates on you, try to shield his Q damage with your E right before he hits you and get out of the range of the upcoming spin. Don't get too far though!
As soon as his skills are on CD you should try to damage him back with yours. If you are ahead keep pressuring him with damage every few seconds to make his passive useless.

Jax is a manageable match-up for Riven. Pressure him with your Q and use W->E to get away from his stun.
During it's cooldown time be more agressive. Carefull not to overextend and of the jungler.
You can kill him at any point he becomes careless

Grab shield on level 1 and farm defensively. Dodge his E->Q Combo by any means and make sure you got enough potions.
If he jumps on you, dash behind him so after he uses his knockback you are close enough to trade him back.

Q deals over 300 damage plus ad scaling when maxed first. You don’t need to use her auto attacks against him because he is so squishy. Just play safe till level 6 and then simply ulty and valor so he doesn’t expect it and to max damage mitigation, spam Q and W and then use your ult active and that should take care of his full health bar. I would get exhaust as riven against this matchup so he can’t retaliate and somehow scratch you before you kill him.

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