Miss Fortune


Here are the details in playing Miss Fortune:                                                                                                                                                                                                  

And here is a bonus for inspiration!




As I mentioned above, Miss Fortune is strong in lane due to her W+Q.  W’s passive will make sure you gain an advantage and out trade them.  
Early game focus on your farming and whenever you get the chance harass the enemy AD with auto attacks and Q on the ranged minions so the enemy gets the 2nd proc.
Mid game try to hold on to your flash since it’s your only way out. Try to stay behind so you can cast your ultimate fully.Try noticing how many bullets are going in and how much damage they each deal!
Late game the only disadvantage on Miss Fortune is that she has no escape ability which means that if an enemy bruiser (ex. Jax/Irelia) targets you, you must use your Flash very wisely so you avoid getting stunned. Besides that, everything is simple. You expect your teammates to protect you and you stay away from any bruisers so you can safely deal as much damage possible. Any AD carry who always tries to run away or engages on melee range costs a lot in team fights because there won’t be any damage dealt since it will either run around or be in the center of a fight thus getting all the CC and AOE’s. To sum things up, in the words of Akali “Balance in all things” ; you must find the equilibrium between positioning yourself and focusing. In other words you should know when to engage and when to run away.

Tips & Tricks

Always wait until you’re level 2 to start trading with the enemy.
Remember to always cast Q after at least 2 auto attacks so that you get W’s passive bonus.
On level 9-10 with a Blood Thirster, Miss Fortune’s ultimate deals approximately 75-85 damage per bullet

Μatch ups

Μαtches with:
Tier 1:Nunu-taric-leona
Tier 2:Sona-blitz-janna
Tier 3:Soraka
Soraka provides sustain on the lane while Miss Fortune wants a killer lane. There’s no synergy between the two.
Enemy pref tiers:
Tier 1:Vayne - Tristana - Sivir
Tier 2:Corki - Graves - Ashe - Varus
Tier 3:Leona - Draven
Simply by auto attacking, Miss Fortune will win Tier 1.
In Tier 2 enter the skill shots-kiting from the opponent, which means you will have to dodge their harassing spells.
In Tier 3, if you get caught you’re dead. Leona Draven is maybe the duo with the most damage at the moment on bottom lane.

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