by:TyL GaLaTaS


  •      Lane pushing ability
  •      Sustain / speed buff and slow (Targets will have a hard time escaping)
  •      Very strong lane phase
  •      Very good Ulti
  •      Satisfactory damage in fights


  •      No burst potential
  •      The Ulti needs good timing
  •      Easy to gank pre lvl6 because of her pushing ability



Early, use your E + Q to force a flash or even get a kill.
Pressure your opponent but be carefull! Be sure to ward as Kayle pushes quite easily.

Mid Game, try roaming for kills/objectives. You can freely tower dive if you use your ulti properly.

On fights position yourself so you can keep dealing damage. Use your ulti to save a teammate. Usually the AD carry or yourself, whoever is getting focused.

Tips & Tricks

Sometimes it's better to time your ulti when the majority of burst is used, it will nullify way more damage than simply using it just before someone dies.
Don't forget to use your W for the movement speed when escaping or on your initiator when he tries to engage.
Your passive will make anyone killable easily by your AD carry, even the fattest of tanks. 
Your ulti has a quite longer range than most people think.
When chasing someone, activate your E / Q and hit them once. Then move a little to the front and Auto Attack again. You will manage to get 2-3 more attacks off.

Μatch ups

Kayle works well against heroes that require focus (Vayne, Kog, Akali, etc) from the opposing team.
She has problems with AoE comps because it makes your ulti target more difficult.

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