Welcome, my name is Zahariel and this is my guide to Irelia, the Will of the Blades. Irelia is a Tanky-DPS-Assassin hero. She’s very mobile and has a lots of tools on her disposal. These include a gap closer, a stun/slow and ample health regen. She specializes in shutting down/zoning ad carries with her great durability and decent damage. You can expect her to be the first one to go in , absorbing the opponents damage, and stopping their carries from dealing any to the rest of her team. Her passive will keep her from getting pinned down, making her very hard to kill, considering  her two healing abilities. She is played at the top lane, abusing her kit to have great lane control and pressence. Overall, one of the scariest heroes in the game if you are an AP or AD carry.




Οne point in Bladesurge and Equilibrium Strike as they are very useful even with just that one.
Hiten Style gets maxed first, as it is Irelia's main source of healing and damage and gives her awesome lane-staying power.
After that the rule of the thumb is: level Equilibrium Strike when against a melee hero and Bladesurge when against a ranged one.
Also, get Transcedent Blades every time its available.


Summoner SpellTop

Summoner spells of choice are the always useful Flash and Ignite, if your target on lane is to kill the opponent.
Other choices are Ghost, if the opponents have a lot of slows, stopping you from sticking to their carries, and Teleport, for greater map pressence.


Starting Items

Bottle provides all the sustain we need fo the early laning phase. The ward keeps us safe from the opposing jungler.
Alternatively, when against strong AD Laners (Renekton - Pantheon etc), Cloth Amor plus 5 pots, may help more.

Core Items

As the game goes on, upgrade boots according to the opponents. (Ninja Tabi versus lots of physical damage, Mercury's versus AP).
Trinity Force is the strongest item on Irelia as she can use every single stat it offers. Also she consistently activates Trinity's passive.
Finally, Sunfire Cape is our defensive item of choice as health is quite valuable and it offers another source of damage.

Luxury Items

Αfter our core is done, we fill up our inventory with items that make Irelia even more tanky.
Wit's End synergizes with Irelia's W, giving Magic Resist and more consistent damage.
Same goes with Maw of Malmortius.
Randuin's Omen protects againsts opposing AD Carry, and the active is devastating when used in the middle of the enemy team.
Use Zephyr if you need the tenacity and have already picked up Ninja Tabi.
Get a Warmog's or Guardian Angel if you die fast in teamfights.
All of the items are aiming to turn Irelia into a scary Tank, while giving enough offensive bonuses so she cannot be ignored.


Armor and Magic Resist runes are pretty standard for all top laners, to make them tankier.
A set of damage runes are required for Transcendent Blades to be able to clear the ranged minions by itself.
By using damage Quints you're able to get attack speed marks, increasing Hiten's Style damage and health return.
Another option would be attack damage marks combined with movement speed quints, if you prefer it.





Season 3 offers a much stronger defense tree which we will fully take advantage of. Other nine points go in offense, because there is nothing for us in utility past the mana regen.