Gaming Festival 9-11/11/2012

Are you ready for the biggest gaming event?


During the weekend of 9-11 November, ‘Gaming Festival’ is taking place at ‘Techopolis’ in Gazi, Athens. There, you will find anything you can imagine and even more. Besides the chance the audience will be given to get in touch with major gaming companies, tournaments of all time favorite e-Sports will also be hosted.


FiFa ’13, SFxT, Tekken Tag 2, Dead or Alive 5 and LoL fans will get the opportunity to prove their worth on those tournaments by signing up on CowboyTv or directly at the event. We will also be seeing some Cosplay, game presentations and neat prizes will be awarded from quizzes.  Meantime you will be able to try out the latest releases in games and gear. The whole place is set to be spectacular, with a huge stage which will also host the 16 League of Legends teams on the big finals Sunday the 11th.

*The entrance fee is set to 5€ for each day and the League of Legends teams are given an offer of 25 + 5 for a substitute-manager-coach (max 8 people) for all 3 days.

*For more information regarding the event, the registrations and the rules visit CowboyTv by clicking here.

*Visit the official Gaming Festival site here.

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