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    What is Vidzio?

    Vidzio is a player which lets anyone generate e-com affiliate earnings directly from any video… Customers can watch and shop at the same time without ever leaving your video or even hitting pause… Vidzio participates your audiences and direct them to the buy directly in the video player.

    This is really a unique app that allows end users to shoot any video and fast profit in just a few clicks within a affiliate partnering with big brand e commerce platforms such as ebay, amazon, aliexpress and Walmart or integrating their favorite shopping cart using PayPal, JVZoo, Clickbank, Warrior+, SamCart, 1ShoppingCart, DealGuardian and much more – however your customers prefer to shop, you need to utilize Vidzio to be sure that they do a lot of it.

    You can then program your videos connections on networking platforms such as facebook, twitter, along with Google +.

    Imagine a software with features that allows your customers Engage your own audience and generate sales massively WITHOUT Any Additional tools, Video skills, websites, landing pages or some other advertising skills.

    Seriously! Anyone can start using vidzio to bank passive commissions that this holidays and beyond.

    Does Vidzio Work?

    Vidzio is a webapp, meaning you won’t have to download or install anything. You need to log within your member area and you are prepared to go in minutes.

    So when your videos have been running within the Vidzio player, any visitors will likely discover that it’s easier than ever to purchase so you will be making earnings, each moment.

    Vidzio work in 3 measures:

    Below Are Some Powerful Features Constructed into Vidzio:

    ✓Works using ANY Shopping Cart:

    You are able to use Vidzio with pay pal Clickbank, SamCart, 1ShoppingCart, DealGuardian and much more – nevertheless your customers want to search, you should use Vidzio to be sure they do more of it.

    ✓Direct eye-line positioning:

    Your products are just positioned to acquire maximum attention while the video plays… meaning more sales from the videos.

    ✓Easy Source:

    A click of this button provides you the code for your player – just copy and paste this into your webpage editor and you’re done.

    ✓Social sharing:

    One click sharing produces more traffic, more customers and more sales out of Twitter, Facebook along with Google+.

    ✓Unlimited videos and products:

    When you’re video marketing, that you do not want to have limited bullets on your best gun. This is exactly the reason you’re able to use Vidzio with so many videos as you want, and add as many products to each video as you would like.

    ✓Powerful calls for action:

    Your visitor won’t be able to resist clicking, even buying… even if you do not change anything about your own video.

    Build your brand by adding your logo and altering the colors into your own company scheme.


    Add tracking codes to vidzio player to re-target traffic readily. Face-book Pixel, ad-words Pixel or some other custom code.

    ✓Fanpage Tab Integration

    With one-click you can embed vidzio player in your tab. That means you’re able to bring traffic, more earnings and leads from Facebook.

    With this feature you’ll be able to curate Amazon, Ebay, Walmart & Aliexpress products within click and then add them.

    My team gets made Vidzio easy you’ll probably never want this, but if you ever get stuck, then you’re going to find a speedy reply.

    Victory Akpomedaye & Misan Morrison are most well known for publishing products which generated six amounts in revenue revenue.
    We offer superior customer support on our products, maintain and improve our apps even after several months of launch.
    Expect a MASSIVE reciprocation from two upcoming super affiliates who’ve GONE hardon promo’s despite a little list in comparison to the majority of big jvs but still stormed top ten on several leader-boards, we even proceeded to seal #1 position on competitive leader-boards for Precious CBS Formula launch and Sociconnect for Declan & Ali G.
    You’re going to end up promoting a quality software that your customers will die for!
    We’ve brought from the BEST copywriter, designer and video team to make sure your promo runs each visitor that you send our way to an ATM machine for you personally personally.

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