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    Are you aware you can flip internet sites you built to get more than 500 in 1 3 hours?

    How? They are Starter Site Toolkit.

    All these are all plug & play Websites Which entrepreneurs can purchase and run themselves

    But are they worth so much?

    Matt Sabia is showing his method of packing media accounts with actual followers,
    Automated email promotions, a built in referral program and also other features .

    It sounds like a lot of work, but you can build these sites in under 3 hours

    What’s Starter Site Toolkit?

    Matthew Sabia’s Starter Site tool kit is just a course and collection of tools and templates to build, design and reverse again and again.

    What makes this system different?
    1 – that is an actual, stable, scalable enterprise model students can utilize to generate some extra spending money or create a full-blown agency designing and flipping these sites. This is not some temporary loop hole that’ll disappear with another Google update or black hat technique.

    Two – can these web sites sell for a lot? We aren’t just teaching how to build simple sites without traffic, no sales, etc.. The sites students will learn to build are packed with social networking profiles pre-built with real followers (which we reveal how to get, fast), a basic logo, a integral affiliate/referral program and 15+ Shopify programs setup and willing to proceed. All these are the same apps Matt has applied to their very own e commerce sites.

    3 – There’s next to no cash required to get started. Besides maybe the $0.99 domain name from GoDaddy, it is possible to build and reverse one of these sites before your Shopify trial finishes. Lots of students have reported getting or flipping calls!

    4 – The training course is currently accessible to both complete novices to internet marketing pros.

    5 – Starter Website tool kit is a full time income program. Along with replays of prospective webinars, any industry changes or changes into the platforms used will likely be added into the program ASAP.

    But Starter Site Toolkit is significantly more than exactly that… We are including a VIP Facebook group where students can network, collaborate, share results and build a community, Two weekly webinars, one being a live Q&A session for associates to find realtime advice and a second webinar where we’ll build and turn a web site live!

    But wait, there is more! For our final $997 up sell we’ll build 10 starter-sites foryou! These can be flipped to get $4500+ employing the templates and methods we show at the program.

    Here is The1400 5-Step Sales Funnel

    Starter Website Toolkit will likely be launching (for the time being) exclusivly through ClickBank using a 5-step $1400 overall sales funnel as represented below. The whole funnel and all up sells offer 50 percent affiliate commission.

    The97 upsell gains students usage of our VIP face book group and access to see the 2 per day classes, the live Q&A afterward the web site building/flipping session. The second up sell will soon be a sizable $997 up sell will be an investmnt to 10 100 percent made-for-you starter-sites to reverse using templates and our method.

    The downsell is going to be a cheaper variation of the investment decision up sell, this time around only offering 5 sites for $497 instead of 997. Then a149 upsell is likely to soon be a variation of their very first offering access to our VIP face book group both webinars with an addition being personal caoching out of Matthew Sabia and its own team.

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