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    Not only are there certain exercises to active each muscle, there are different ways of exercising that will target different muscle groups Take for example a back bridge, lie on your back with your feet flat on the floor and knees bent Apex Booty As you exhale, use your heels to raise your lower back from the floor until the hips are straight At this point, contract your gluts and hold for about five seconds Lower your back to the floor as you inhale, then repeat for twelve to fifteen reps This exercise will help to build your stabilizing muscles, which will help to strengthen your core Another option is the kettle bell swing, which is an explosive movement It is a more advanced move that requires maximum output in the shortest amount of time possible Your body stays in constant motion as your hips are moving back and forth If your core muscles aren’t developed properly, you shouldn’t perform this move The swing will activate your fast twitch muscles, which are the same type of muscles used when you sprint These are two examples of different exercises that work the muscles in different ways and both are effective If a bigger back side is what you’re looking for, it can be done with exercise I’ve seen how bodies can transform by working hard for what you are pursuing If your training program is balanced, you can build muscle in certain areas Just don’t let your quest for a bigger booty hinder your progress in other areas Celebrities like Jennifer

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