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    Penis Enlargement Remedy Review

    The Penis Enlargement Remedy is a guide which I really wanted to like – it looks good, is well presented and the theory behind it sounds interesting. However, I wasn’t impressed to discover the method revolves around a principle that will only work if you buy some recommended supplements. Essentially, the concept is that you take supplements which encourage cellular growth, and then practise the stretching exercises to hopefully get the growth happening exactly where you want it – in your penis. If you’re the kind of guy that goes to the gym, then comes back and takes one or two supplements to boost your performance, maybe this will be nothing new to you.
    But if you’re looking for purely natural techniques, you might be put off by the experimental approach this guide offers. I did some research into the techniques, and although the theory seems plausible, there’s no evidence that it will definitely get your penis growing. That doesn’t mean it won’t, just that there’s no scientific backing to the specifics of this method. On the plus side, I tried the exercises and found them easy to follow and safe to do at least. So you could probably make your own mind up about the supplements, and decide whether to use them or just stick to the exercises.

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