Fields of Justice: Summoners Rift

As we mentioned on the first part of the article, the League of Legends dictated that all disputes should be solved within the Fields of Justice. But which are those Fields and what are their characteristics?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

Summoners Rift
This is the oldest and most respected of the Fields of Justice. It’s located between the city ofFreljord, Serpentine River and Ironspike Mountains.

Summoners Rift is an ideal location for magic operations due to the great concentration in magical energy. The Rift is also the place where the greatest political decisions have been taken ever since the foundation of the League of Legends.

On Summoners Rift, the goal is simple. Destroy the enemy Nexus through three different paths that lead to the core. Each path is protected by turrets, which get more and more powerfull as you get closer to the core. In Summoners Rift, ambushes are a very common phenomenon and that’s why cooperation among summoners is requiered.

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