American LCS Week 7

Amazing games are expected at the 7th week of American LCS and we present them in detail:                                                                                                                            

TSM vs CLG: The 7th week begins with an unpredictable game. Ranked #3 TSM are facing ranked #4 CLG, when they already have one win each against the other.

It must be the strongest game of the weekend, as DIGNITAS are trying to catch up CURSE, who are now in the first place and they are definitely going to do whatever it takes.

 GGU vs VULCUN: GGU are stuck in last place of LCS. Can they change it now that we are entering the final phase of the League?

: COMPLEXITY will aim to answer back to their defeat from MRN.

ΤSM vs DIGNITAS: One more great game is expected for the first day of LCS, with the ranked #3 TSM facing the ranked #2 DIGNITAS.

CLG vs CURSE: CLG are willing to put an end to their bad performances and this is a good chance for them, playing against the ranked #1 CURSE. Are they going to make it?

You can watch all the LCS matches, here

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