American LCS Week 7 Day 2

ΜRN vs VULCUN: The second day starts with a less interesting game, however MRN will try to win for the first time against VULCUN. 

COMPLEXITY vs GGU: The last ranked teams want to avoid relegation and this game is very important for their attempt. 


MRN vs DIGNITAS: DIGNITAS are feeling confident playing against MRN, as they already count 3 victories out of their 3 games.

CLG vs COMPLEXITY: CLG will try to end this week victoriously against COMPLEXITY.  


GGU vs TSM: DYRUS and the rest of TSM’s members will probably have an easy game against GGU. 

VULCUN vs CURSE: The closure of this week couldn’t be better! Curse, being in the first place, aim to win against the ranked #5 VULCUN. 

You can watch all the LCS matches, here. 



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