About the Team

Get to know our crew a little better!

 Themis “Zahariel” Athanasopoulos
  I’m 22 years old from Athens and I play LoL 3 years now. In the greek competitive scene, I have taken part in the teams : “aKa”, “InS” and “Soul” with the following achivements : Greek Launch Event Finals (2nd place), Balkan League Qualifier Finals (2nd place) and I was part of the first Greek team who won the Go4LoL. Recently I was made Riot’s first Greek Featured Streamer and so I spend a lot of time streaming, while I also try to find the time to write some guides.


 Manos “AbberCat” Ladopoulos
    I’ve been playing League of Legends for 1.5 years, Low Elo noob obviously, for reasons unkown so far. If anyone asks me what’s my biggest achievement, I’d say it would be entering the Greek Launch Event place (yes yes! I got in!). Still, I hope for the best in Season 3. On SoulfireGaming I’m an author and an editor ever since the website went up, while I’m also the one “stressing out” so everything is done right and on time (that’s why I always delay the articles).
“See you in the Fields of Justice, Summoners!”
Meet Test Your Limits:

Test Your Limits is a famous team in the Greek scene with many accomplishments in the last couple of years:


1st place in:
Greek Launch Event by Riot Games
The HUB Event
LoL Starz Tournament
Δ.Ε.Θ. LoL Cup
pentakill.gr 2nd Tournament                                                                                                                                                                                  

2nd place in:
inSpot 1st League of Legends 5v5 Tournament
The Web Tournament
pentakill.gr 1st Tournament
HUB Event Gkazi                                                                                                                                                                                                      

3rd place in:
inSpot 2nd League of Legends 5v5 Tournament



Anil “Galatas” Hikmetoglou 

Solo mid – AP carry
Known for playing DotA at top level since he was 14 years old, took place and won many tournaments as part of one of the best Greek teams: Lost. 
Started playing League of Legends almost two years ago. Founding member of TyL.


Christoforos “Warrior Lady” Kleiotis

Solo Top 
Even though he is currently studying at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, he spends most of his time on what he loves: League of Legends. He started playing since the game came out of beta, more than 3 years ago and hopes that with the new line-up they’ll manage to break out to the european competitive scene.

Aimilios “NeverThinkTwice” Bresiakas

AD Carry (Duo Bot) 
He’s been playing LoL for 3 years even though he’s only 17.


Τolis “Zane” Panagos


Solo Mid – AP Carry 
Started LoL casually on February 2011. After he reached 2350 Elo on West he thought that the game could offer more than fun so he started training with a premade team. He believes that this partnership will help not only with greek tournaments but also with breaking out to the european competitive scene.

Μakis “Artist” Papadopoulos

Also playing LoL for more than 3 years. Working in a Net Cafe means he has lots of time to hone his jungling skill. He’s a perfect fit with the rest of the group and hopes to many achievements as he believes they are able to.

Alexandros “SiLveRsPeLL” Roufanis

A gamer for quite a long time, he has been managing TyL for the past few months